How to...

... steam a well worn tassel back to perfection.

Firstly, remove one earring from the card stand. Keep the earring back near, ready to replace it.

Hold the earring firmly by the silver ball stud, not by any part of the tassel.

Use a steamer, steam iron or a kettle for steaming. Please be careful not to catch your fingers in a strong flow of steam. (I've done this enough times to know it hurts!)

Gently shake, spin and dance the tassel in the flow of steam at least 6 inches from the source for a few seconds. Remove, and stroke the tassel gently through your hand, top to bottom, always holding on to the stud. Repeat as necessary.

Once you are happy with the appearance of the tassel, carefully replace it on the hanging card until completely cooled. It should then be ready to wear.

Alternatively, wear for a session on a particularly steamy dancefloor. Shake vigorously. Voila!

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