The Collection


Exquisite adornment; bold, distinctive and glamorous pieces that assert their own form.

Jenny Jenny is a collection of jewellery and accessories that combine fine fabrics and yarn with precious metals. Each piece is handmade in London and the classic designs transcend seasonality.

Inspired by a box of vintage silks, belonging to her Grandmother, Jenny Collier has reinterpreted the shapes and materials discovered within to create her range of handcrafted designs. Reappropriating the vibrant colours of French silk, perfectly preserved since the 1950s with handmade tassels and solid, polished metals. A vibrant and unexpected colour palette ranges from soft cornflower blue to bright aqua and coral combined with tangerine, chic navy and shining copper.

The best selling Tassel Earring range has expanded to an entire spectrum of luxurious shades, every colour of the rainbow and then some. Rainbows also grace golden hoops and a more subtle silver hoop is adorned with multiple hues of blue.

Creating each piece meticulously by hand, Jenny ensures that everything that leaves the studio is destined to make the wearer feel timelessly stylish and beautifully adorned.